Spawning Kokanee Salmon | Watercolour by Lee Rawn

Spawning Kokanee Salmon | Watercolour by Lee Rawn

After a scorching, fire-blazing summer, the longed-for weather shift has descended. The Kokanee salmon are spawning nearby, bears are snacking, and I am breathing in huge wafts of cool fresh air. -Heaven.

While researching ideas and information to teach a journaling workshop, I came across a wonderful idea.

I don’t remember where I found this idea and therefore am unable to give credit where it is due. The idea, for parents or grandparents is to keep a journal of the child or grandchild, writing stories of times, special and intimate that you have experienced together.  

My granddaughter, born six weeks ago, will receive the journal of her time with her grandmother when she graduates from high school. The beauty of this idea is that often special moments are forgotten, replaced by a broad feeling of the relationship rather than specifics. 

People like to know the stories of their young lives, and this is a lovely way to remember. The journal doesn’t have to be a daily entry, but rather writing when an event or feeling moves you. I’ve written two entries in these six weeks.

Not only will my granddaughter receive a little treasure, but her grandmother can relive the beautiful times with her growing, changing, laughing, cranky, interested, loving granddaughter.


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