Chickadee Plate | by Lee Rawn

It’s not a bad idea to have more than one iron in the fire to keep creativity fired up. For me, the irons are writing, painting and pottery. If one doesn’t inspire, another will. Creativity is one direction, but learning is certainly another. Perhaps delving into a language is the ticket. The point is that sometimes the act of writing requires a change of scenery.

I once took a writing workshop from Terry Brooks, the author of The Shannara Chronicles. He described part of his writing process as dreaming. He told us that he received a phone call while on the beach in Hawaii. When asked what he was doing, he replied, “Writing”.

When struggling with a writing project, heading off to a coffee shop or library to write can provide a different energy and a surge of inspiration. And of course, taking a long walk will clear the head.

Keep writing, but if the process seems stale, select from the forge a glowing iron to inspire, change the energy and Shake things up.


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