First Snow | Acrylic by Lee Rawn

First Snow | Acrylic by Lee Rawn

We all tell stories. Some write them down. Some recount their stories in song or spoken word. While listening to a story, some are drawn back in time in private reverie. And yes, some stories are rather boring. In this case, the benefit belongs to the teller, which also has value.

 You may think I’m not a story teller. But in truth, you tell stories every day. At work, you recount what happened over the weekend, or tell a joke. When you tell a funny story, you consciously word what you want to say, so that the punchline comes as a surprise.

 The more I write, the more fascinated I become with other people’s stories. What you share connects us, reminds us of how we’re all in the mix together. Some stories resonate because they remind us of our own experiences, while others contribute learning and understanding. 

 Keep telling, writing, sharing, remembering, laughing and weeping. It’s the foundation of our human experience. I’m so grateful to be part of the mix.





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