The Solstice Conspiracy

As far back as we can trace human history, the summer and winter solstices have been a source of fascination, duly recognized and celebrated by different cultures in many different ways—from the monuments at Stonehenge to the songs and dances of native americans.

When I first started work on The Solstice Conspiracy, I wanted to work that mystery and magic into the theme of the book. The idea fit naturally into the notion of life as a circle, moving from renewal to decay to renewal endlessly.

Many cultures gathered on the Solstice promising  a commitment to nourish and improve the environment. Their appreciation of the wonder of our world was expressed through celebration. For me, the joy of writing this story was the feeling of participating in the celebration. And, in sharing these feelings and insights with  readers, extended my own commitment to renewal.

Writing this story, from the perspective of the children and the fairies, was a way to instill in young readers, a sense of magic and  wonder for our world. The message, without sounding preachy, is that small steps can produce big results. 

 I hope that your interest in this story has been sparked. You can purchase The Solstice Conspiracy from me directly (using a digital download from Ganxy). Or, you can purchase it as an ebook or paperback on Barnes & Noble or Amazon. The ebook is also available on Kobo and there is an audio version for your enjoyment on 


Thanks for your interest in The Solstice Conspiracy

Summer solstice image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons. Winter solstice image courtesy of NASA. 


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