Many feelings accompany the launch of  The Solstice Conspiracy. Excitement and wonder claim top spot.This is a story that has occupied my time and thoughts for many years, and now, I am able to send it off into a very wide world. ‘Book launch’ is an apt expression.

This is a children’s book for the ages of ten to fifteen years. However, it will also  appeal to older audiences. It’s a story about a young girl whose small steps cause a positive and unexpected change, impacting her surroundings in an uplifting way. The Solstice conspiracy is a look at transformation through small steps. It is also a story filled with unusual characters and surprises.

The Solstice Conspiracy is an  ebook. Click here to purchase it at


3 Responses to The Solstice Conspiracy has Been Published

  1. allison says:

    this book was very captivating. i could easily imagine myself as one of the characters. the detail and descriptions were wonderful and imaginative. even though it says for young adults, i am a grandmother and i loved it as well as my 5 year old grandson i would reccommend it for all ages

  2. allison says:

    eagerly awaiting the sequel

  3. Joanne Reinschild says:

    Will this eventually be released in book form??

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